Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Something In Blue

I've done some more sketchbook work. I placed one of my stencils in the middle of the page and cut around it and repeated this on  the page underneath. Then came the hard job of eating some Quality Street because I needed the wrappers. I used the wrappers on the back of the cut outs layering them as I went.
I put a piece of plain paper underneath to get a better picture.

This is the other side. I used water soluble crayons to colour this page and I really like it.

Even though it's the summer holidays Gina has given us homework, we have to make a Blue square and a Turquoise one.
This is my blue one. I thought it might be nice to work in just one stitch. Using a blue fabric I covered it with strips of different blues and worked Fly stitch in tapestry wools and a rayon thread in different shades of blue.

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