Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Still Waiting

Get the balloons out I've finished something! It's a cushion cover cover for the tombola that Pam is doing to raise money for the Quilters Guild.
I saw a quilt on a blog and liked the pattern so I thought I'd have a go at making one myself and this was was my test block. It worked as you can see, so rather than just put it to one side or in the bin I've made it into a cushion cover.

This is my purple square that has got to be handed in to teacher next month. The next and last one is pink and I'm all out of ideas.

Remember the bumper and quilt I made for the crib, well it's now in-situ and waiting for baby - just like the rest of us.

Look at the size of her, you'd think she'd get a move on wouldn't you. She is fed up now this was Nicki two days ago.

Anthony said I had to show you this. He wants baby to to wear this when she comes home from hospital, Nicki doesn't, she wants her to look like a little girl. I think Anthony is little over excited.

Last weekend we had a heart bargello class with six ladies on the course so that they had plenty of room to spread out.

This is Caroles quilt, she's looking pleased as punch and so she should.

This is another Carole with her quilt. Carole was so pleased with herself for getting this far considering she arrived late on Saturday.

Here's Polly with her quilt and grinning from ear to ear she was so pleased with the result.

I think they all did a great job and the ladies who didn't finish haven't got much left to do but didn't want pictures taken because they hadn't finished but they looked just as nice and have promised to bring them back and show us.

This is a hanging I'm making inspired by the yellow square I made a little while ago. I have started doing some hand embroidery on it but I'm really not happy with it. I looked at it again this morning and I'm definitely not happy with it so it's coming out.

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pam said...

Yeh you will be a grandma very soon - the crib looks really lovely. Thanks for the cushion it looks really good and the zip is impressive!