Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Waiting Over

Well she is finally here. Nicki had been in labour since last Wednesday, she saw the midwife on Friday who said baby would put in appearance at the weekend and after several visits to hospital over the weekend they finally kept her in on the fourth visit and got things moving along. Ellie was born at 10.06pm yesterday and how about this for a play with numbers she weighed 6lb10oz. Mum and baby are fine Anthony is on cloud 9. We are going to see them this afternoon so there will be some pictures soon.

I'm really enjoying working on this hanging. I unpicked the stitching I didn't like and now I'm doing some running stitch but I have to keep stopping to make sure I don't get carried away and do too much. The silk thread is lovely to work with and it has a lovely sheen in the light. I think I'll be making at least one more of these.

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pam said...

I love the felted wall hanging hurry up and finish it! Congratulations Grandma!