Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Not Getting Any Where Fast

I've had a hectic week since I last blogged. I feel as though I haven't achieved very much at all but I know
I haven't stopped all week. Now blogger is playing up - when I started there were three pictures on here but I haven't got a clue where the third one has gone.

I have managed to finish a couple of cushion covers.

The white and green one was started in one of Pam's classes. I'm very pleased with it, not my usual colours but very pretty. The embroidered pieces were cut from a tablecloth that really had seen better days and I had been given the lace a few months ago so a bit of recycling going on there. I think I may be doing some more of this.  

This one is made up from the practice star block I did before I made the star quilt for Nicki and Anthony and rather than waste the block I wanted to do something useful with it, I think it turned out very well. I've given this one to Pam for the tombola next month.

On Sunday we had a lovely family lunch for those who had not yet met the newest member of the family. Yes I did cook, I made two lasagnes and a chicken and pasta dish for Sam's girlfriend and a scrumptious desert but didn't think about taking a picture until we had eaten it.

Unfortunately Steph and Nick couldn't be with us they already had arrangements to go to Yorkshire for a birthday celebration, which they had to leave early because Steph was ill. She has not had a good week at all. She has been very poorly and the GP referred her to the hospital last week. We spent a whole day in Peterborough Hospital and I mean a whole day. We arrived in time for a 10.00am appointment and walked out at 4.40pm. Apart from making sure that there wasn't a serious problem with her eyes nothing else was achieved. Peterborough Hospital really is awful, it's filthy, the staff (and by staff I mean nurses and doctors) are rude and there certainly isn't any element of care, we were there all day without a drink or any lunch and every time we asked how much longer they said 'you're next' so of course I didn't dare nip off to buy some lunch. When Steph mentioned this to the doctor at the end of the day his reply was "it's not my fault". We have been told by the GP to make a complaint as this wasn't the only thing that went wrong during our visit. I've spoken to her this morning and she really isn't very well but she has an appointment this evening at the Queen's Hospital in Nottingham so fingers crossed  that this visit goes much better. I don't think it could be much worse really, I will let you know.


Gina said...

I hope you've had more success this evening at Nottingham and they can do something to help Steph

Julie said...

Oh dear angela, I do hope Steph has had better treatment at Nottingham, you must be very worried. When you feel able to you should complain about Peterborough.