Thursday, 20 October 2011

Take Two

Take two pumpkins, cut open and scrape.

Then chop.

Turn to pulp, allow to cool and freeze ready to make muffins for the all nighter that we are having at the shop. It will be a long night but lots of fun and then off for a cooked breakfast in the morning.

Last Saturday Gina came to teach Diva Dolls. Lots of heads were made and lots of rolling around with laughter. The ladies had a great time and discusions were going on about boob sizes, clothes, shoes and colours. Gina is back this Saturday for the second part of the workshop to finish the dolls. Unfortunately I will be in Germany so I won't get to see them finished. I'm relying on Pam for lots of pictures.

Yesterday I made this. A table runner for Steph, I thought it might cheer her up. It did, she likes it very much.

I should really have been working on this. It's going to be a hanging/picture to be shown in the Spectrum exhibition next year. I'm sure teacher   will understand, I know she has been distracted from degree work.

I have enjoyed working on this piece - making the eyelets can be quite therapeutic to work although sometimes it can be monotonous. I'm going to do some hand stitching and beading as well.

Steph is finding things a little difficult without painkillers, she spent all day yesterday in bed but she does look a little bit better. A lot of very kind people have sent get well wishes for Steph and she is grateful to you all. Sometimes I think that no one reads my blog as I don't get many comments but over the last few weeks it has become very clear that actually there are a lot of people that do read it so I will carry on blogging. I would like to thank you all for the the kind wishes for Steph and all the congratulations on becoming grandparents. Ellie is doing very well putting on weight and sleeping a lot. I think she's got flat batteries. We baby sat on Saturday evening the first time she had been left with any one we felt very honoured she was as good as gold and we enjoyed every minute. Except for some reason Neil felt it necessary to complain that he didn't get many cuddles-I really don't understand how that could have happened.


Julie said...

Glad to hear Steph is a little better :-)

jacky ives said...

Hi Angela
I'm guilty of very rarely commenting, but I ALWAYS read. so please keep blogging. I also haven't blogged myself since April. Just never get around to it (or tuit) lol.

veronica said...

Hi to you and Neil,I rarely comment and never thought about you not knowing if folk are looking in.I meet you in Jersey and enjoy reading what you and Gina are up to. Veronica.(sock dollies)

Gina said...

I promise to take photos of the dolls tomorrow too! I enjoyed my cuddle with Ellie last week.