Monday, 28 November 2011


It's been a long time since my last post, I haven't been getting on with blogger at all. It wouldn't load my pictures, I kept trying for days then when it did it took 5 hours to load 1 picture so after weeks of trying I gave up and then last week it decided that I wasn't allowed to comment on other blogs saying that I had no acess to the pages. Well I'm sure you can imagine my frustration and what I wanted to do to the computer, then last night Neil asked if I'd given up for good which made me even more frustrated thinking a stupid bit of metal and plastic had beaten me, so here I am again having another go and so far so good. If this post works I'm going blog hopping tonight to see what I've missed so fingers crossed.

I have been very busy and there's been lots going on in the shop that I haven't been able to post about but never mind.

I've been busy working on my holes. I'm really enjoying the hand embroidery it's proving to be very therapeutic. Last week I started to use one of the purple colours but it doesn't look at all right it's difficult to see from the pictures. For the first picture I laid it over the dark purple fabric that will go underneath when it's finished.

This picture was taken with it just laying on the table, the purple thread looks very stark. I think I need to use paler shades of purple or not bother at all. I'm going to try the paler ones first of course before making a decision.

Something else I'm working on is getting into the Xmas spirit. Time seems to have passed by so quickly this year I really don't feel at all ready for it and have no desire to go Xmas shopping. We have already had two cards and it's not even December. More importantly though it's Steph's birthday on Saturday and I know I bought her a card a long time ago (as always because birthday cards this time of year tend to be naff) and I put it somewhere safe but can I find it? I haven't got long to find it because we are going to Wales on Thursday for a few days and a couple of exhibitions at Newport.

Anyway I have digressed, back to the Xmas spirit. Today I have been making Xmas trees, here they are on the floor of my sewing room.

More pieces waiting to be put together.

Fingers crossed this posts successfully.


Gina said...

Have a lovely time in Wales, Happy Birthday to Steph... and I'll see you next week. The holes are looking good!

pam said...

Yeh glad the blog worked - christmas trees look lovely you must be pleased.

Julie said...

I love what you're doing with the holes Angela. I hope Wales is fantastic!

Blogger was being particularly awkward a few weeks ago but it seems ot have settled down now so fingers crossed. I think they were redesigning everything so there were lots of niggles.

Su said...

I love your holes! Just found your blog and have enjoyed seeing all your lovely work.