Thursday, 8 December 2011


Yesterday we had a meeting of Spectrum and I was able to ask Gina for advice on colours. As you know I wasn't at all sure about the purple thread I had chosen. Gina was convinced that it was actually the right colour and I needed to work some more knots to be able to get a true picture. She was right.

This is a sample I made using four other colours none of which looked right. Although I enjoyed making it as the thread is beautiful to work with.

Anyway I have now managed to work my way around one of the big splodges. I wish you could see this in real life the colours are so much better than they appear on here.

Here's a close up, but the colours don't look much better. I must have worked thousands of knots and there's probably thousands more to do. Guess what I'm off to do now!


Gina said...

Such beautiful holes Angela!

jackie said...

Blogger can and usually is incredibly frustrating with all its vagaries - makes hundreds of knots seem relaxing though.