Friday, 9 December 2011

Having Fun

As we were having a quiet day in the shop today Dawn and I thought we might like to do something a little different. We decided to have a go at making a Poinsettia wreath using the pages from an old book to make the flowers and leaves. This isn't our idea, it came from here .
First we drew our flowers and leaves.
Then the fun bit we painted the flowers, leaves and berries.
Here's Dawn enjoying herself in the bright sunshine.

These are Dawn's flowers.
These are mine. The highlights or little white spots were added using a tippex pen.
I cut mine out this evening and now all I need to do is glue them onto a wreath.

This was fun to do, it didn't take long or cost much and could easily be done by children, not sure what that says about us, except that maybe we like the simple things in life now and again.


pam said...

Hey looks like you had a lovely day - they are really good

Gina said...

They might be simple but they are so effective!

Julie said...

These look like so much fun and so colourful too.