Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sleeping Beauty

I've finished my wreath and it's now hanging up.

Something else that's finished is my little felted wall hanging. You can't see on the picture but I put some Angelina fibres in with the wool tops and when the light catches them they have a nice little sparkle - nothing too bright.

 Friday evening we got to babysit this little girl. She is very cute and cuddly but not very entertaining, all she does is sleep.

This is her 'I'm sleeping leave me alone' pose, which she is very good at.

This is her 'ok you didn't get the message now go away' pose.

Next Friday we may have her for the whole night (yippee) she's bound to be awake at some point then.


Gina said...

Beautiful baby.. beautiful hanging and beautiful wreath (this one is on my to do list)

pam said...

The finished wreath is so lovely you are clever - and little Ellie is the cutest baby ever.