Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Best

I think the best advert on telly at the moment is the EDF Energy one with this cute little character as the star. He makes me smile every time I see the advert so when I picked the junk mail up of the floor yesterday morning I was happy just for once because this leaflet was there. It's now stuck on the wall in my sewing room. 

I finished the baby quilt, now all I've got to do is the matching height chart. I didn't get very far with it today, it's been one of those days when everything I touched went wrong-better luck tomorrow.

We had chocolate brownies for afternoon tea, luckily I made them yesterday evening so nothing went wrong with them and they tasted ok.

I did try to upload pictures from Saturdays class but blogger hasn't been co-operating so I will try tomorrow because they are worth seeing.

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