Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Torch

On Tuesday evening we decided to go and watch the Olympic Flame pass by. Actually it was the kids that decided we were going to as we had decided not to bother but as they pointed out it is a piece of history in the making.

I was very surprised at the lack of people. We were on Oundle Road.

I'm not a sports person and I'm not really interested in the Olympics and one thing I really disagree with is the amount of money that this has cost. £98,000 for the event and a couple of months ago it was £98,000 for the practice. That's an awful lot of money especially when you take into account that in our area care homes are being closed, schools are suffering, our roads are terrible and don't get me started on our hospital and doctors, need I go on. That money could have been put to much better use.

I'm sure there must have been many more people at the embankment where the torch was heading for.

They were quite lucky with the weather.

I don't know who the torch bearer was but he was a happy chap.


Gina said...

They were right... it is history being made. I'll miss it when it comes to Cambridge at the weekend though.

pam said...

I was lazy and watched it on the television! The embankment and Cathedral Square looked very busy. Whilst I appreciate it is a piece of history it does seem to be costing an absolute fortune!

jackie said...

I agree with your sentiments. I am thoroughly sick of sport at the moment.