Monday, 15 October 2012

15 Minutes

I had my 15 minutes of fame on Sunday morning when I appeared as a guest on Create and Craft TV with the lovely Debbie Shore. I was standing in for Jenny Rayment. Jennie recommended me  for the guest spot which was not only very kind of her but a huge pat on the back for me.
I had a lot of help from Barbara, Pam, Dawn and Sam to make it all possible. I took two cushions with me to demonstrate the heart template and the crazy tool template. Barbara helped me to make these. We had two and half days to get these made and other working samples prepared, we put in some long hours and were very pleased with our results.

Whilst I was busy preparing for the show It meant I didn't really help out much in the shop so Pam, Dawn and Sam worked incredibly hard last week.

This was some samples that I took onto the show to demonstrate using the easy rule. They have now been made up into a cushion cover. I forgot to take a picture of the cushion.

The show was an experience I won't forget. The show went out live - there was no practice apart from a screen test in a small room I had never been in a TV studio before and there is no script. As you can imagine I was incredibly nervous but Debbie was lovely and worked very hard at putting me at my ease.
Whilst I was away from blogger I received this pendant. I had asked Dottycookie if she could possibly work her beading magic on a stone I found in Jersey and turn it into a pendant for me. She did a wonderful job and it's very tactile. Thank you Dottycookie.


Julie said...

The pendant is beautiful and well done on your tv appearance. It sounds very professional.

pam said...

Oh you were very good on Sunday morning - we all thought the cushions looked lovely. Shame they did not give you more time so it was not such a rush. Love the pendant.

Gina said...

Well done Angela... I knew you would be fine!

jackie said...

How exciting. Well done to you.