Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Grandad's Complaint

Grandad (Neil) wasn't happy with the pictures of Ellie in my last post. He thought she looked a bit boyish, I think he's being a bit picky but just to keep him happy here are some more. The one above was taken in June and doesn't she look angelic, not at all like the little monkey that she is. The one below was taken yesterday afternoon. She is cuddling one of her favourite dogs and you can see mischief in her face. Ellie is a little girl full of expressions and is very capable of making her feelings and thoughts known. 

This happy little girl is Eva, she is almost four months old now. They paid us a vist a couple of weeks ago, we don't see Eva and mummy and daddy any where near as much as we would like.

She has changed a lot over a few months. Eva is a beautiful little girl and we consider ourselves very lucky to have two of them and very soon a grandson.

I have been doing a little bit of sewing - not a lot. I've made some progress with my cathedral window cushion, I'm doing the hand sewing bit and have got half the cushion done, there is a reason for this sudden burst. Barbara made one of these cushions last week so I'm trying to get mine finished before she does. Childish I know but it's fun.

This is what my sewing room looks like at the moment. Not pretty is it, life is still very hectic around here, but I'm going to have to do something about it soon or I won't be able to get in the door.

This is a pile of rows waiting to be made into a quilt for Ellie. There are eight rows in the pile and I've got another four to make, there are ten blocks per row so that means another forty blocks. I've made three blocks in the last week, so progress is slow.
I was hoping to get at least one row done this week but some how I don't think it's going to happen.


Sam Watson said...

Eva can't wait to see you again Nanny x

Nicki Cuffe said...

Arrr that photo of Ellie is lovely she looks so innocent!!! Eva is growing up so fast too, bless them x

pam said...

Oh such lovely photos of them both - Eva has changed so much - look forward to seeing her again soon. Not long till the little boy arrives as well that will keep you even busier. You need to finish that quilt!!!

Gina said...

Gorgeous little girls!