Monday, 29 October 2012

He's Here

Baby Freddie arrived at 7.26pm on Friday 26th October and he weighed 7lb 11oz. Nicki had a midwife appointment on Friday morning and she told Nicki that he was only measuring at 36 weeks and was going to be small, just goes to show how wrong they can be.  All the way through the pregnancy the midwife has done nothing but cause undue stress and the health visitor isn't much better.
This is Freddie and Eva.

All three of them. Two beautiful little girls and one cute little boy, we are so lucky.

Steph has asked me to teach her how to make granny squares so I've made a few just to remind myself how to make them. Now I haven't got enough to do anything with so I'm just going to have to keep going until I have got enough for a blanket. It'll be a long term project.

Bread pudding for afternoon tea tomorrow at the shop.

In case you want to make it for yourself here's the recipe.

12oz stale bread
2 tbsp flour
4oz melted margarine
2oz caster sugar
6oz sultanas
6oz currants
2 tbsp mixed spice
2 eggs

Oven temperature 150 c

1, Soak bread in warm water for 1/2 an hour
2, Drain bread to remove excess water and mash well
3, Add all the other ingredients and thoroughly mix
4, Place mixture in a 9"x9" tin and cook for 1-1 1/4 hours
5, When cooked sprinkle with caster sugar

I only use sultanas, I can't be bothered with those hard little currants and I sprinkle plenty of caster sugar on top because it seems to disappear. It's very very nice warmed up and served with cream.


Julie said...

Beautiful babies all :-) I can remember the taste of bread pudding from my childhood. Lovely comfort food.

Gina said...

Such gorgeous babies... welcome little Freddie. I'll have to give your bread pudding recipe a try!

Penny said...

Lovely new baby, I need a baby to cuddle, mine have suddenly got past the baby stage.

pam said...

Congratulations neil and Angela - can't wait to have a cuddle with Freddie - it is all babies here!! Looking forward to bread pudding yum.

jackie said...

congratulations and best wishes to all.