Sunday, 20 September 2009

A Lazy Sunday

We took advantage of the glorious weather today and went for a trip to the coast.

This is the ford at Great Walsingham. Beautiful isn't it.

We found a lovely little shop called B T O I It's full of nice goodies that you may not need but still end up taking them home.

Neil treated me to this book. I love beach huts.

And then there was this tea towel. Well- if I have to spend time in the kitchen I want some thing nice to look at!

Tomorrow I have got to take this little fella to doggy hospital. He really wasn't very well on Friday so I rushed home from work and took him to the vets.
He has an ongoing back problem that meant he needed some pain killers but whilst we were there they did some blood tests. The results of these mean he may have a liver problem so he is also taking a liver supplement and needs to go back for more blood test and an ultrasound. We took Sparky with us today and you wouldn't have thought there was anything wrong with him.

And before you ask yes that is a Ben and Jerrys ice cream tub he has got his nose in. He loves ice cream.

This is my 50th post, so in keeping with blogging tradition I am having a give away, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post before Wednesday and you will be entered into a draw.


Gina said...

Ben and Jerry's??? You spoil that little dog! Hope he gets his problems sorted out. G x

Sarah said...

Hope Sparky gets well soon. My kitty Millie has liver issues, but apart from her pills and some supplement 'gooo' we have to add to her food, she has no really problems with it. I dont think she even notice!! It's amazing what vets can do these days!

Miss_Oakden said...

awww, I love your dog!! Although I would probably fight with him over the ice cream!

Julie said...

I hope Sparky is ok after his visit to the vets. Congratulations on your 50th blogpost! Here's to the next 50 and more!

Anonymous said...

poor pooch hope he is better soon he is so lovely - i can see one as a pet for mum coming on she seems to have taken a real shine to him :)

samh said...

why did I just come up without a name??? oh well always said no one wants to know me not even my mum :(

Barbara said...

gotya leaving my first comment!!

pam said...

I am so jealous of the tea towel it is lovely - give sparky a big hug from me. xxx

Barbara said...

Sparky is so cute can I swap him
for Sam?

samh said...

sounds like a fair swap :)