Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Slow Work and A Welcome Home

The wall hanging has not progressed very far, certainly not as quick as I would have liked. I had no idea that using the embellisher could be soo tedious. But I'm going to stick with it and keep my fingers crossed that it does turn into a beautiful piece of fabric which I can then turn into a field full of poppies. You have to use your imagination.

Last night we fetched Sparky back from doggy hospital accompanied by this not so small bag! It's a nightmare trying to get all of these into him. One of the capsules he has to take three times a day.

We still don't know exactly what is wrong with him. He has had an MRI Scan a Spinal Tap more X Rays and lots of blood tests. One of the blood tests has shown that there is a problem with his Thyroid. He hasn't got any medication for that yet because the vet is waiting for the results of some of the tests. Some samples of blood and spinal fluid have been sent to a lab some where in Europe and may take another week before we get the results. So fingers crossed we will get him better soon.

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Gina said...

Good luck with getting the tablets into Sparky. When Barley was ill we resorted to hiding tablets in all sorts of things but he still managed to spit them out!