Saturday, 12 September 2009

Tyvek Day

Gina came to the shop today and gave a workshop using Tyvek.
All the ladies produced some fabulous work. There was some very quiet moments during the day because they were all concentrating so much and this shows in the high standard of their work.

They made some beautiful flowers and beads.

Also some lovely Seed Pods.

And the mess on this desk, well I'm sure you can guess who sat here and it wasn't Pam.

Well done ladies.


Gina said...

Okay, okay... I confess... it was me that made the mess! Lovely day as always Angela... I do love teaching at Art and Stitch.

Jane said...

really enjoyed the day, my daughter has stolen the flower already! Thanks again to Gina for the teaching, and to Angela who made coffee appear like magic!
PS don't think my bit of the table was any tidier!!