Monday, 14 September 2009

A Visit To Cambridge

Yesterday we went to Cambridge to see the Moving Forward exhibition. I don't have any pictures to show you as photography wasn't allowed but if you have the time then go and have a look for yourself. The work on show was fantastic. It is a small exhibition but well worth it. While we were there we bumped into Sarah who had gone to Cambridge just to see the exhibition.

I was really pleased I had taken the camera with me because I can share these pictures with you.

Aren't the gates wonderful and this window just appeared at the right time because Neil was having a grumble at me for getting us lost (which I hadn't, when we went back to look at the street map the 'you are here' sticker was in the wrong place- see it's never my fault). I was looking every where except at him and I just happened to look up and see the window. Obviously I had to take a picture and by the time I had finished so had he and we were on the move again.


Gina said...

Glad you enjoyed the exhibition. Neil having a grumble??? Surely not?

Miss_Oakden said...

That window would make an amazing pattern for a quilt block. can't believe i was thinking about you last night. brought some fabric in your shop back in May to start making a baby quilt(my first ever) and I started this last night - Check out my website for more info.

Sarah said...

Isn't it a small world! Amazing who you bump into at these exhibition!!!

Liz B said...

Lovely gates. I also thought they could become an interesting quilt block. See, I have just left my first comment, after all your nagging!!