Friday, 22 January 2010

First Meeting

On Wednesday we had the first meeting of the year of my City and Guilds class. It was great to get back to things and catch up with people. We had a lovely day.

However I wasn't as pleased with the work we had to do. I must point out that it wasn't the teachers fault it is just some thing we have to do.
I don't like drawing - that's not really true the trouble is I can't draw and I wish I could.

These are paper curls mmm.

This is meant to be a drawing of a crumpled (how my brain felt) piece of paper. This term we are looking at form and we had to look at the shape and shadows - I think. Now you know why I can't draw. Neil would say it's a lack of understanding and he's right, just don't tell him!

On a more positive note the hanging is coming along nicely. I have finished with the embellisher and cut my rectangles, they are looking very neat.
I have loaded them onto blogger in reverse order by mistake (I don't understand computers either) this will be the first piece.

This is the second or middle piece and is the wrong way round.

This is the top.

And this is the grass - in the making. It's sheer fabric sandwiched between water soluble fabric.
I have stitched triangles of various sizes and on different colours. I also used some lining fabric.

This is what they look like once they have been cut out and rinsed. Seaweed according to Pam, she has a point but it's definitely grass.

So at last I am making progress with this project and I feel much happier about it. Hopefully it will soon be finished.


pam said...

Looking forward to seeing it finished though it definitely looks like seaweed!!!!! You have so much patience with your work.

Gina said...

YOU CAN DRAW!!!!! They definitely look like paper curls and crumpled paper with lots of volume and form! Glad to see progress on the hanging. I think it is going to look great.

Jan said...

I thought the drawing is very good ,love the grass I am sorry I wont be able to join you tomorrow have fun Jan xx

vintagerockchick said...

See we told you - there's absolutely nothing wrong with your drawings - we are all more critical of our own work than other people's. (Although I guess if we were the other way round we wouldn't have any friends!)

Julie said...

They're right! There's nothing wrong with your drawing! (I don't like drawing either, especially with a pencil and especially if you have to be accurate). I can always feel myself go rigid inside as soon as anyone says the word "draw". However, it is a way of finding out about the thing(s) in front of you, exploring with your eyes and the pen/cil. Don't worry about it just keep going :o)

silverpebble said...

There's nothing wrong with those drawings at all! They DO look like paper curls. By the way, the books made at the workshop were wonderful - I really like the ivy leaves on yours and those subtle colours x