Friday, 15 January 2010

It's Good To Be Back

Thank you to every one for the kind birthday wishes. We had a great time in Wales, we didn't do anything. It was lovely sitting in the hot tub watching the snow fall, we really did chill out, neither of us wanted to come back. However it is nice to be back at work I did miss everybody and I have got lots of homework to do.

I am still working on my hanging. Some progress has been made, I have finished the embellishing and cut it into three pieces.

This will be the top.

This is the middle section.
And this will be the bottom.

Now I have to make some grass!
I have still got to make Stephs wrap for her wedding which is fast approaching. Today we are going for a hair rehearsal. Last night we were trying out nail varnish, only half a dozen or so and then, she decides that she actually wants a french manicure. I didn't know I could be so patient.
Check out Pams blog she has got something new to show you.


Julie said...

Welcome back Angela! Now that sounds really decadent, sitting in a hot tub in the snow!

Jan said...

Nice to have you back safe and sound, hot tub !,did you get cold shoulders ? I Went to a meeting today and found out about Popping over to Pams now for a look see Jan xx