Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's A Dogs Life

This is definitely what you call a dogs life and I want one! He got up, came downstairs, climbed onto his stuffed dog that someone (Neil) bought for him just before Xmas and he went to sleep again. He really is one spoilt rotten dog and you know who it is that spoils him don't you.

On Saturday we have got our first workshop of the new year, Gina will be teaching Bonded Books. Students will be able to practice their F M E as well as learn a new technique - a fun day.

The red book was made by Gina, the other one by me. These are lovely little books to make, they are great for keeping special memorabilia in.


Jan said...

My dog Kizzie is sleeping as I type ,it is a hard life isnt it ? hee hee ..love Jan xx

Gina said...

You have to wonder where the expression "It's a Dog's Life" comes from don't you. All mine does is sleep, get walked, fed and fussed over... it can't be bad!

Julie said...

It obviously takes a lot of effort to walk downstairs! No wonder Sparky needed a rest! I hope Gina's workshop goes well on Saturday. Sorry I can't be there :o(

vintagerockchick said...

I bet you don't love him enough to hand bake dog bscuits for him.
I've decided that IF I get all my homework done, I'll come along on Saturday. Will try really hard to do it tomorrow and then get back to you!