Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Jersey Workshops

We are having a lovely time here in Jersey. The sun has been shining ever since we arrived but the wind has been blowing as well and it's a cold wind. Out of the wind it's positively tropical.

This is where we have breakfast. A very nice cafe called Colleens and it's right on the beach.

Here are some photos of the view you get whilst eating your breakfast.

Yesterday I was at a workshop with Louise Gardiner . We started with line drawings (I hate drawing) for the first one we had to put our pen on the paper and draw a line whilst listening to music. The line had to have curves, zig zags, swirls, texture (created by dense and loose areas of marks) and anything else you chose to draw. We were not allowed to look at the paper though.
The second drawing had to be of the person opposite you. It had to be a continual line and again we couldn't look at the paper.
The third was again of the person sitting opposite and had to be drawn with the same rules but we had to concentrate on detail.
Then we took the third drawing and taped it to a piece of artist's canvas and using just black thread stitched over the lines and again this had to be a continual line. There was a lot of laughter and 'oh no's and 'oh dear's.
Next we used fabric paints to apply colour and then we could go back and do some more stitching using coloured threads.
Here are some of the results.

This is my picture of the lady opposite me, and she really doesn't look like this. She is a lovely lady with a sense of humour- how lucky am I.

Today I did a workshop with Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn
The first sample was made whilst working with Jean. We used sheer fabrics on the embellisher to make another fabric.
The whole workshop was about making another fabric from threads and other fabrics,the samples we made were all exercises from their new book Fragile Fabrics.

After embellishing we then added some hand stitches and were supposed to embellish them but I have decided to leave mine as it is and add some beads.

This next piece was made under Jan's supervision. Using thread and wool we made a grid by laying the threads on Aqua Bond and the covering with water soluble fabric. Next we had to make sure that all the threads were connected by stitching them. I chose to hand stitch mine but we could use the machine.

This is the front of my work. I made two grids one using thick thread and another one using a thin thread. I worked backstitch on my thick threads and where the thin ones crossed I tied them. I am now going to sew beads onto the thick threads where they cross before I dissolve away the soluble fabrics.

This is the back of my work which shows the grid.

Tomorrow I am doing workshops with Jean Littlejohn in the morning and Carol Coleman in the afternoon.


Barbara said...

You have been very busy but it looks fun to do can't wait to see it properly when you get home. Enjoy the rest of your workshops.

pam said...

Oh wow the view at breakfast looks lovely - but where was a photo of Neil!!! The workshops look great - the drawings are different but very impressive and your workshops sound like fun. We are missing you see you soon.

Sarah said...

Sounds like you are having a great time - but not too good that you won't come back. After all you need to price up all those lovely new beads when they arrive ;)

vintagerockchick said...

Now I'm really envying you. I must try to get to Jersey next year. Love the drawings - especially the one that could be a cross between Anthea Godfrey and Liza Minnelli - I'd love to see what the real person looks like!
Have emailed you with a message for Gina x

Julie said...

Sounds like you're having a fantastic time and the workshop things look great too. Your portrait is super! Hope you've enjoyed the rest of the week.

Jan said...

How I envy you great place to sit and eat your breakfast and enjoy the view ,and all those lovely workshops ,super pictures too , Jan xx