Saturday, 13 March 2010

Local Wildlife

On Thursday I had two workshops booked. In the morning I was with Jean Littlejohn using the embellisher.

This is meant to be a field of daffodils but I got a bit carried away embellishing.

In the afternoon I made a book cover with Carol Coleman. We were expected to finish these including adding decoration to the cover and putting in the pages. This was a little ambitious especially for me as my machine wasn't working properly and I nearly gave up. Luckily though another machine was found and I did manage to get the edging completed.

Say hello to some local animals. The Jersey cows are so pretty and just look at this one with her spikey haircut. They don't all have hair like that she must be extra special.
These two ducks are very friendly.

They stayed with us for about 15 minutes, obviously long enough to realise they weren't going to be fed or they may have sensed that I had duck for lunch.
They didn't attempt to cross the threshold.

I have got one workshop left tomorrow afternoon and then we leave for home on Monday.


Barbara said...

It will be interesting to see your work when you are home you have been very busy. The ducks were very brave considering what you were having for eats or perhaps they were enjoying your company!

pam said...

Iknow i am reading this after you are back but the work you have done looks great in the flesh, love the cow and the ducks are cuties. It is lovely to have you back we missed you.