Sunday, 7 March 2010

Naughty Chair AGAIN (but this time for Neil.....)

We arrived in Jersey yesterday evening after a somewhat adventurous trip.

For a bit of background, tidiness and organisation aren’t my strong points (although I get there in the end), but Neil’s life revolves around order, neatness and planning.

This explains why, at 9.15am on Friday, we set off with the car neatly packed (no magazines or sweeties strewn around the cabin) with a carefully planned itinerary that ended day 1 on the Eurotunnel car shuttle at 6.30pm before staying in France overnight. (An itinerary that was neatly typed and in a plastic wallet with all the relevant booking confirmations in chronological order behind).

Around 4pm (bang on schedule of course) we stopped on the M20 for a late lunch. Halfway through our meal Neil suddenly gasped, went pale, and announced that he had left our passports at home. After a frantic call to Eurotunnel who confirmed that, despite our supposed open-borders, we couldn’t travel on our driving licence, we hurriedly jumped back in the car for a 250 mile round trip back home.

The M25 and Dartford Tunnel had been congested on the way down, and on a Friday evening would only get worse, but fortunately Neil’s anorak-like knowledge of trains came to the rescue.

A quick drive to Ebbsfleet , fast train to St Pancras, across to Kings Cross for a train to Peterborough, pick-up passports from my dad, reverse the journey and we were back on the motorway in just over three hours and only a couple of hours behind schedule.

How can he be such an idiot and such a genius in the same crisis?!

Needless to say, he is going to pay for this…………………….


Gina said...

Oh dear... I'm laughing... I know I shouldn't... sorry Neil! Mental note to self... must pack passport.

Jan said...

Oh dear ! pleased you got safely underway after your bad start,hope you remembered the camera Jan xx

Sarah said...

I am laughing... a lot!!! I shall have to give neil some lessons on organisation!
You know he will never be allowed to forget this dont you!!!

"Betty" said...

Oh dear Neil has a lot of making up to do... have a lovely holiday see you soon..

Julie said...

Poor Neil...hahahahaha!...OMG I must stop laughing! (It's the way you tell it!) No really, poor Neil, what an awful panic. But a very timely reminder to remember our passports for our holiday in April. I do hope you have a wonderful time in Jersey without any more dramas.

vintagerockchick said...

Oh god! I bet you were SO glad it wasn't you who'd left the behind! Have a brilliant time x

pam said...

Oh Poor Neil he will never live this down will he - perhaps if he lived like you and me in a perfect perpetual muddle he may not have forgotten them!!!!!!