Thursday, 30 September 2010

Taking Things Further

Remember the rust dyed fabrics? I got them out last night and decided they looked a bit plain and I needed to add some colour to them.

A little while ago I bought some lovely wooden stamps that I hadn't yet used so I got them out along with the fabric paint and this is what happened.

I'm not exactly pleased with the results but I haven't finished so I'm trying not to be too critical of the mess I have made. I am hoping to get some stitching done on the fabrics today. Our homework for the new group is to make an Artist Trading Card and I'm going to use this fabric for it.

This is my favourite stamp so I thought I would share a close up of it with you. So pretty.


Sarah said...

I love the block - I am sure they will all come together just before you want to throw them out of the window :)

Jan said...

Oh what fun ,and to think this all started out as plain fabric ,well done its great Jan xx