Thursday, 28 July 2011

Round Two

I have started another sketchbook the first two pages are the same as before, well almost I did make another stencil. Looking back at the two colours I've decided to stick with red. I know that will make it the same as Gina's but red and poppies have been my favourites for some time now and you just can't change things like that. I'm clearly not finished with poppies and I already have another project in mind but on a large scale.

Here I've added some words but it doesn't show very well. On the green page I used some stamps that I've had for a while which came in a very cute box but I can't remember where from. The letters used on the red page came from the local newspaper. I really enjoyed doing this. So much so that I have already made another stencil for the next page. 

This is the cute stencil box, just incase you wanted to see it.

Now for a real treat. Look what I made all by myself and probably never again. It's social stitching today so I made cakes to go with the tea.

I hope there's enough.


Gina said...

They look good Angela and there is no problem doing the same as me. It will probably make it easier for you to follow my sketchbook posts which should in turn build your confidence. Like the look of the cakes!

pam said...

The cakes were absolutely gorgeous all our social stitching ladies loved them thanks. The sketchbook is looking very good.

Moogsmum said...

Your sketchbook is looking great Angela :o) I've been working on mine tonight and it's so lovely to do something completely different.

Those cakes look good enough to eat!


jackie said...

Thanks for following my blog. Nice bright,clear photos on yours,and the cakes!!