Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What Happened To November?

Time has yet again flown by ( I didn't do a single post in November) but it only seems like 5 minutes since my last post. Life has been very busy we have been enjoying getting to know Freddie who is definately a grandad's boy. He settles much better with Neil than with me. He doesn't sleep anywhere near as much as Ellie did so that has been a bit of a shock for Nicki and Anthony. I have to say though that Nicki is coping extremly well with having two babies and she is managing to breast feed, she really is a star.

Neil and I have had a week in Wales but I can't show you any pictures because I've lost my camera. I'm quite upset about it, I had a brilliant photo of a rainbow over the sea and it's reflection in the sea and now it would appear it's gone forever.

I've also done a few more shows on Create and Craft TV, which takes up a lot of time and preparation.

I have almost got enough squares for my blanket, I'm just making a few more for a bit more colour variation.

Monday evening I made a Victoria Sponge for the Tuesday Strippers. I think they enjoyed it.

A few photo's of the little man. He is almost half of Ellie's body weight now and there is 13 months between them. Hopefully now the health visitor will see sense and stop giving Nicki a hard time about Ellie's weight. Although I'm quite sure that Ellie isn't in the health visitors good books. When Nicki took them to be weighed last week, she had Ellie weighed first and that was fine. But whilst she was getting Freddie undressed and weighed Ellie sneaked off into a corner with the health visitor's handbag and emptied the contents all over the floor. The first Nicki knew of it was when she looked up to see Ellie waving the health visitor's sanitary towels in the air and chuckling like mad. The chuckling soon changed to screaming when the health visitor tried to retrieve them. Poor Nicki she said she had never been so embarresed before and wanted the ground to open up and swallow her. I think she may have a lot more of that to come.



I have at last finished Freddies quilt. It really doesn't photograph very well it looks so much better in the flesh, so to speak.

Ellie's first painting, it has pride of place on the wall at work.


Julie said...

Lovely to have a catch up and your grandbabys are gorgeous! Serves the Health Visitor right if she left her handbag in an accessible place. I love Ellie's picture.

Gina said...

I'm laughing at Ellie's antics! What a gorgeous baby Freddie is.

pam said...

Nice to have your blog back with catch up - Ellie is a minx and yet looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and little freddie will probably be the same!!