Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Cake Anyone?

I may soon need to change the title of this blog - there has been a lot of cooking going on and a bit of baking. Yesterday I made a lovely lasagne and this evening we had pork with a cider and apple sauce. That's not all though I've also made some sticky toffee cupcakes for the Tuesday Strippers and they come recommended by Ellie who managed a whole one. The recipe was recommended by Gina.

Monday is my day off and every week I hope for a quiet day doing not a lot, maybe even going for a walk. I should be so lucky. This morning I looked after Freddie whilst his mum took Ellie to an Xmas party at playgroup. I did take him to the office to see grandad, he loves his grandad more than nana, he doesn't settle very well for me but grandad has the magic touch with him. Then after lunch I had to do the usual shopping, housework stuff you know what I mean, and that's the day gone.

I am one step further with my Xmas tree. I'm still hopeful it will be finished in time.

Saturday was a quiet day at the shop so Pam, Dawn and I arranged to do a jelly roll race which was fun to do but it means I now have another quilt top to finish. Somehow I don't think I will ever have a lazy day.

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