Friday, 28 December 2012

Water Water Everywhere

This was Whittlesey Wash on Boxing Day, the road  has been closed since before Xmas and is clearly not opening any time soon especially since we have had more rain and there is more forecast.

You can just make out the white lines under the water.



This view is looking back towards Whittlesey.
I hope you all had a great Xmas and managed to spend time with your nearest and dearest. We had a wonderful day and the lunch was cooked to perfection. Although I did forget to cook the red cabbage and make the bread sauce, but hey you can't have everything and how close to perfection can one person be?

Ellie enjoyed her lunch, she managed to eat five roast parsnips along with everything else. 

She also enjoyed opening her presents and everyone else's. I was incredibly lucky on the present front this year. The most fabulous present was from Neil, a jacket that heats up. It really is something special it's a gorgeous pink colour- unusual for me to like a jacket that colour but it is lovely and oh so warm. 

This was Eva after an afternoon and evening with Ellie, I know how she feels! I'm convinced that Eva is going to be the dainty feminine granddaughter where as Ellie will be a one woman demolition team. She is incredibly stubborn, she must get that from her mother's side!


Gina said...

Pleased that you had a lovely Christmas Angela... but that stubborn streak in Ellie... mmmm.... I'm not so sure!!!

Julie said...

Ditto for me too Angela. I've never heard of a coat that heats up. Where do you plug it in?!!

Annya said...

Your Christmas sounds great as does the coat. I could do with one of those!
Happy New Year.

pam said...

Did you say Ellie's stubborn streak came from her Nanny!!! She looks like she enjoyed those parsnips - and Eva is a real cutie - you have a great family.

Angela said...

Hi Julie. You can plug the coat into any normal socket, then go for a very short walk! (NLW)

Joking apart it has a rechargeable battery in the pocket. It's actually a motorbike jacket - my angel feels the cold really badly.