Thursday, 5 August 2010

Another Project Started

This is my summer project as set by Gina . I hate drawing, I'm really going to struggle with this but I will give it a go. You never know one day I might draw something recognisable.

Gina suggested we put this comment on the first page.

Why is it that an image can look perfect in your head and then when it gets on the paper it doesn't look how it's meant to!

Sorry about this picture blogger has turned it round. Didn't ask me if it could just did it, how rude.

I was experimenting with bleach, another of Gina's suggestions. I hadn't done this technique before, I'd have another go but with a better brush. I have done a bit more to this attempt since taking this picture.

This is just two pages that I coloured in using Koh-I- Noor paints. The blue was meant to be purple but never mind.

It does suggest a field though.


Julie said...

Try not to worry about the drawing Angela, you are doing well, the poppy seed heads look really good and I can see some stitch ideas in them already. Gina has some great ideas up on her blog for making sketches and then isolating small areas. I shall have to have a go myself. Have fun with it :) and don't be scared ;o) Those Koh-i-Noor paints look wonderful, may have to indulge!

Gina said...

Angela... it all looks good. Stop worrying and just try to enjoy the process. Let yourself play and have fun!

pam said...

Well done they look good - you know you can do it really!

Barbara said...

Well done with your quilt it looks great.Should have been on your blog before now but dont seem to get round to it. Thank you so much for my bag it is fantastic and worth waiting for i really love it. Good luck with your course work!