Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Special Day

Monday was a special day for Neil and I, it was our thirteenth wedding anniversary. So we both took a day off work (which is a celebration in itself) and went to York.

The day started out at Peterborough train station where I bought a bottle of water and by the time we'd got on the train I'd lost it (not the only thing I lost) we only had to wait 15 minutes.

Neil was very sweet and had bought a bottle of champagne with him so we could toast ourselves over our breakfast. I've never had breakfst on the train before but it was very nice.

We went to the quilt museum which would have made a nice day out itself but Neil had arranged for me to have a private tour of the museum, which was wonderful. I really enjoyed going behind the scenes, seeing some of the things that don't go out on display too often and the storage room. I think the storage room was Neil's favourite bit, everything put away neatly in labelled boxes and shelves. I think he did make some kind of comparison with my sewing room but I wasn't listening.

This jacket was one of the items that had been got out for us to look at. The fact that it is all hand embroidery is stunning but the buttons are handmade as well. There are only two buttons on the jacket but they are both different and both are hand enamelled.

This small quilt is by Pauline Burbridge. Very different from her current work

This is a quilted petticoat.

And a few minatures.

This pincushion is heavily decorated with glass headed pins.

We had a lovely leisurely lunch in Russells of Coppergate.
When we left Russells it was pouring down with rain and I had to buy an umbrella. It was a very pretty umbrella, black with pink and red roses and a frill. By the time we got on the train to come home I'd lost it.
Neil is a very patient understanding person and I've enjoyed the last thirteen years.


Gina said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. It sounds like a very special day out... despite losing things!

Sarah said...

congrats on the anniversary! And lucky you to get to go behind the scenes at the museum! I adore the buttons (of course!!)

Julie said...

Happy anniversary to you and Neil. What a wonderful day out despite the losses and gorgeous treasures from the Quilt Museum.

pam said...

Sounds like you had a lovely anniversary - you both deserve to be happy. The trip to the Museum sounded wonderful going behind the scenes, how thoughtful was he to arrange that - and champagne for breakfast too!!!

vintagerockchick said...

Happy Anniversary - Neil sounds lovely and thoughtful - and we already know you are. (He certainly didn't marry you for your cooking) I love the jacket and the pincushion.
The lost umbrella sounds nice too.

I ate Angela's cooking and survived (Neil) said...
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