Saturday, 14 August 2010

Sketchbook Work

Like all good students I have been working on my sketch book.

I wondered if maybe my problem with drawing had anything to do with being faced with a blank page. So I crumpled up some tissue paper and glued it onto these two pages then painted over it with gesso and I must admit that once I'd made that mess I didn't feel quite so intimidated.

So I went for it. I used oil pastels (as suggested by Gina ) to draw the cow parsley and I have since gone over it with green ink.

This time I had a go at drawing on a normal page. I have also gone over this one with ink and I think this one looks much better so I won't bother with the tissue paper again.

Here it is, I used the ink at full strength and I think it's too strong.

So I had another go. This time I used a metallic wax crayon and watered down the ink, it gives a much better result.

Here I was just messing about.

Then I decided to use the pages I had painted with the Koh-I-Noor paints.

I thought it looked like a corn field. So I drew some, please say you agree!

Just to show you that I have done some sewing this week. I'm making a bag with flying geese and yes I know they haven't got points. They aren't meant to have points it says so in the pattern. It has come up bigger than I imagined.

Enjoy your weekend.


Julie said...

I like the bag Angela, looks a god size for shopping. You're doing better than me with the sketching, i haven't even started. I agree, your corn field looks great. Lots of movement in the drawing.

Gina said...

Fabulous sketchbook work Angela... don't tell me you can't draw anymore!

Barbara said...

Your bag is looking good I love the colours it will look brilliant when it is finished (still think the geese should have pointed noses!) Good luck with your course work.

pam said...

The sketch work is really good from one who says she cannot draw!!! Like from one who says she doesn't like cooking and you make the most fabulous cakes!! I loved the cornfield very much. Bag is great even if the zip is causing problems!!!!