Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Final

I have re-dyed the calico and printed cotton fabrics with the rusty bits and some copper. I'm very pleased with results.

I have got some very definitive marks.

And I've also got some lovely turqouise ones. Having three plumbers in the family means I'll never be short of copper and I'm definitely going to do this again.

Now I have these lovely dyed pieces of fabric I'm not sure what we are going to be doing with them. I vaguely remember Gina saying something about ATCs.

A couple of weeks ago Pam and I signed up for a 'quilt-along' with Fat Quarterly (see link on the right). Neither of us know why we signed up for it as we have both got so many things on the go already. I think it just sounded like fun. We should both know better really.

I'm using a jelly roll called Verna. I managed to get the cutting done last week as you can see. Monday we received the piecing instructions and yesterday I started to put them together.


Gina said...

Lovely results with your rust dying - especially like the colours left by the copper. A reminder... you are to use your rust dyed fabrics with metal thread embroidery to produce some small samples e.g. ATC sized based on your sketchbook work! You've got until the end of October... just as well given the new project you've just embarked on ; )

Julie said...

The turquoise looks wonderful and the rust dyeing looks great. Some lovely marks.

pam said...

I'm just doing a hot wash - you need to change powder! Seriously they look very good the turquoise adds something - though not sure what! Hey you are joining blocks for the quilt along I shall have to catch up - help!