Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Surprises In The Post

Last week I received a little parcel from Gina . It was a welcome surprise in a very hectic week. Sometimes something small can make a big difference and this was one of those occasions. It may be only a coaster but we have been so busy that when it arrived it made both Pam and I stop what we were doing (obviously not important) and share a few jokes - mainly about my cooking!

I have never understood why people spend thousands and thousands on a room where you go to make a mess somebody eats it and then leaves a mess to clear up, it's a bit like going back to playschool!

Then Saturday evening Neil gave me a little parcel containing two of Gina's brooches. The labels are as nice as the brooches.


Gina said...

I'm glad you liked your surprises.

Sarah said...

You are a lucky girl!!!

Jan said...

How lovely and as you say its the little things .... love Jan xx

Penny said...

Lucky you, I lust after one of Gina's brooches!
I agree about kitchens, as soon as they are cleaned up, they are a mess again, but then so are my work rooms!!

pam said...

Oh those buttons are lovely Neil is such a sweetie lucky you.