Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Halftime Results

Don't panic there's no football results here just the halfway results of my rust dyeing.

From left to right, Calico, nasty cheap Polyester (which I didn't think would work), Silk Dupion.

Printed cotton fabric, Silk Scrim and Evenweave fabric.

Last but not least some Tapestry wool just because I had it.

Now you ask why halfway, well I'm re-dying the calico and printed cotton pieces. I re soaked them last night and I've wrapped Malcolm's rusty bits up in them and held them in place with elastic bands. I'm hoping to get some definitive marks. I've also wrapped in some copper piping , hoping that I'll get the nice green colour.
I will confess that I couldn't wait and I had a sneak peek this morning and there was some green colour on the fabric. So I quickly wrapped it up again and I'm going to leave until Thursday evening.


Iz said...

I did rust dyeing for City & Guilds ages ago and had great fun! Did you soak your fabric in "something" first, or just water? I can't remember how to do it!

Iz said...

Salt! That was it!

pam said...

Well blogger refused to accept my comment yesterday - so here goes.
Honestly a hot wash with biological tablet will do the trick!!! If you delete this I shall know!!!
You really are clever creep creep!!!

Barbara said...

Your bag looks really great and the hours spent making the beaded balls were worth the time they really finish it off. I dont think I will comment on what you have used Malcolm's rusty bits for as I am speechless (and that takes some doing!)... :-)

Julie said...

You've got some beautiful marks Angela. I do love rust dyeing.