Thursday, 2 September 2010

Finished Bag

I've finished the bag and I'm very pleased with it. It took 5hrs to do each beaded ball but it was worth the effort. I think they finish the bag off nicely.

Remember Barbara and the picture of her with my 3D piece on her head, well she's been at it again with the bag this time. It's a good job she has a sense of humour as she doesn't know I'm putting this on my blog.

Yesterday was the first meeting of our new group, the group with no name as yet. This term we are looking at Goldwork, but not in the traditional way.

We did some rust dyeing which by the time I had got home yesterday had already started to work. You can just see it through the bag. I'm going to leave it until tomorrow evening (if my patience lasts) to rinse out the fabric.

This is the start of a goldwork sampler except it's not gold thread it's a coppery colour but teacher says that's okay.
We have been looking at different stitches - from left to right Straight Stitch, Zig Zag, Satin Stitch, Vermicelli, the squiggle is meant to be Feather Stitch but it wouldn't go right. I'm going to have another go.

In the evening I went round to Barbara's to take a picture of her passion flower, it's a very good specimen.

And it has fruit which when it's ripe Barbara is going to pick for me so that I can grow my own.


pam said...

Pleased to hear you actually did some work and did not get put on the naughty chair!!! The bag is lovely finished and the bobbles are great. Watch where you plant the passion flower they spread everywhere - I had to pull mine up as it was threatening to take over the whole garden

Gina said...

Your bag looks lovely and the photograph doesn't do it justice... especially with it plonked on Barbara's head!

vintagerockchick said...

The bag is lovely - I meant to have a closer look yesterday, but I had such problems with breaking thread that it slipped my mind. As do lots of things these days.

Julie said...

Your bag is beautiful Angela and the bobbles set it off. I'm a bit worried about your headless friend ;o)