Saturday, 12 January 2013

Cards And Flowers

We had a lovely time on Thursday evening. The children came over and we had a takeaway, a vote was taken as to what it would be and KFC won the majority. Not at all healthy but it doesn't hurt once in a while. I had some lovely gifts, including this bouquet of roses from Nicki and Anthony, aren't they lovely.

These are my two favourite cards. The sewing one is from Steph and Nick, the other is obvious as to who it's from.

I think  Ellie may have helped with this bit.

There hasn't been much creativity going on this week so I've got a lot of making-up to do next week. Tomorrow I have some prep work to do for a magazine article I've got to write on Monday. It's got to be in by Tuesday, there's nothing like leaving it to the last minute. I did think I might make a start on it this evening and I also thought I might go for a walk but I was late home this evening so things didn't go as planned. I ended up having a bath and spending the evening in my PJs.

I seem to have cracked my sleep problem. I've been reading a trashy book that I've read once before - so trashy I won't even tell you its title. But it's badly written and you don't have to concentrate to follow the story. I did try to get back into David Hockney's biography but the second half is so hard going. It's as if the first half was written by one person and the second half by somebody totally different. I will try to get back into it another time as I really would like to finish it. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


vintagerockchick said...

A very Belated Happy Birthday for Thursday, you should have told us and we could have given you the bumps! Xx

Julie said...

Beautiful flowers Angela. I caught a glimpse of you on the telly this afternoon. Ooh! I know a famous tv personality! :-) Sadly I missed the rest of the broadcast as I came in just at the end. Next time! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xx

Gina said...

That's a coincidence. I gave up on the Hockney biography about half way through... I just forgot that I was reading it and then didn't get around to picking it up again. Of course now I've forgotten everything I've read so far.