Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Little Creativity

These hearts are what I had to write an article about, for a local publication. It was a 'how to make' guide, it was the second I've done and have another four to do. So I need to put my thinking hat on and come up with something for next month.

Yesterday evening I made lemon drizzle cake for the Tuesday Strippers at the shop.

On Sunday we all went to Steph's for dinner and to meet the new puppy, she's the fluffy little white one. Ellie adored her and I have to admit she is very cute but not cute enough to make me want another one.

I have lots of sewing to do and so many things I need to catch up on once I've posted this - I'm off to my sewing room for a couple of hours. I did wonder what my chances are of having a visitor-free weekend but I wouldn't bet on it, I don't fancy my odds. 


pam said...

The hearts are nicr what publication are you doing them for? Stephs puppy looks really sweet and why you say you do not like cooking when you are always cooking I do not know.

Julie said...

It's not cooking, Pam, it's baking! Very different ;-) The hearts are very pretty and yum! lemon drizzle! Shall I pray for lots of snow to keep the visitors away?