Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Update

We've had some busy days and some quiet days at work this week due to the weather. The quiet days though gave us a chance to get quite a lot of housekeeping done. We had some fabric deliveries this week so yesterday we had a move around and put out the new fabrics. These are some of my favourites.

I used a dresden plate to make this cushion, it's a sample ready for when I next have to demonstrate that particular template on Create and Craft. It's nice to be ahead for once.

This afternoon I went to Grafham Water for a walk. I know it was trying to snow but I wasn't the only one there, it was surprisingly busy.

These geese were happy to be out in it.

A view (distant) of the dam.

Last night we had this little fella to stay. He was much easier to look after this time but I still had to cuddle him all night. Well someones got to even if it is a tough job.


Julie said...

I love those sewing inspired new fabrics, they could make me forget I'm not buying fabric this year......again! No wonder you had an all night cuddle, he's gorgoeus!

Gina said...

Those new fabrics look gorgoeus. Freddie is looking very cute!

Nicki said...

Awh he looks happy i think he is starting to like his nanny now! :-)

pam said...

The fabrics are definitely a threat to my purse!! Freddie has become so gorgeous - you must have enjoyed having him. Your snowy walk looked nice - I just hibernated.