Sunday, 6 January 2013


I've cracked it and finally had some sleep. The cure was a glass of wine and a glass of brandy and I slept like a baby last night. I feel so much better and hopefully I won't go through anything like that again.

We've had a lovely day today, it didn't start out so good as Neil was in a bit of a grump but he soon snapped out of it. I went for a lovely walk around Ferry Meadows. It was very atmospheric with the mist hanging around. I made an idiot of myself, I was so busy looking at all the mess left behind after the floods that I walked straight into a fella. The really annoying thing was that I think he had seen me because he didn't look as shocked as I felt and was grinning which made me cross. That'll teach me to look where I'm going.

Anthony and Nicki invited us for Sunday lunch which got later and later but it was worth it in the end. He didn't inherit his culinary skills from me. He cooked roast pork with all the trimmings, there was enough to feed the whole street. It was lovely and the pork wasn't at all dry. Well done Anthony, next Sunday we are all going to Steph's. 
Before we arrived at Anthony's I wanted to go to Croyland Abbey to take some pictures for a project I have in mind. I won't be able to start it until later in the year as I really need to get stuck into my Spectrum work or else I will be in trouble again!
The abbey isn't looking it's best at the moment as it's undergoing some restoration/conservation work but that didn't matter as I intend to go back at various times during the year. 

I'm really pleased with these pictures of the windows I wasn't sure if they would come out.


Look at this little bundle, I didn't realise he was there and buried him under my coat and handbag he just carried on sleeping.

Grandad put a hostess trolley together with some help.

Do you need these bits grandad?

Ellie obviously isn't into entertaining.

This is a rare moment with Ellie. She is such a fidget that if she needs a nap she normally just falls asleep on the floor wherever she is, but she actually climbed up onto me so she could cuddle up and had an hour's nap with her blanket.

Nicki is such a good mum, both babies are delightful.

Freddie is still very much a grandad's boy.


Gina said...

Now when have you ever been in trouble?
Looks like some lovely family times together.

pam said...

lovely photos - looks like you had a great time at Crowland in the Abbey and with the Grand children.
Angela you will go to any lengths to find another man - walking into them hmm!!