Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A Bag For Ellie

I've finished the big bag and I have to say it's very nice. Baby now has a name, Ellie- until they change their minds again!

I have started on my sketchbook and I'm still working with poppies, they are so pretty. My drawing skills are still lacking.

But I think you can see which two I chose to draw.

I did this step last night, when I'd finished I thought it wasn't very positive and I had doubts but now it's had a chance to dry properly I am quite pleased with it.

The work was done in the sketchbook that I started last year but I've decided to start another one so I'm back to square one.

See this old lady she's been sitting on my window sill for quite a few years now and I think it's time for a change. She is very old fashioned looking and fading quite badly but I'm not going to throw her out I'm just going to make a few alterations maybe something in red and black. Any suggestions?


Gina said...

I can see the improvement in your drawing... proof that practise makes all the difference.

vintagerockchick said...

Ellie is a lovely name!
As for the buttoned up old frump on your window sill, how about something a little racier - red corset and black fishnets?