Thursday, 14 July 2011

Finishing and Wishing

Tuesday was a day for a special cake. It's the birthday of one our regular customers on Sunday but she comes in every Tuesday with a group of ladies so to celebrate we had a Sainsburys special (any excuse) and it was very nice.

There has also been new fabric and they are gorgeous. It's a linen and is wider than the normal bolt of fabric.

I can't wait to make a bag using these fabrics.

More linen.

This is what I'm finishing. I made this quilt last year and it was my first try at free motion quilting but I wasn't happy with it so it just got left in a dark corner somewhere. On Sunday Neil and I tidied up the store room and this was one of the things that we found. Looked at with a fresh set of eyes I realised that actually the quilting wasn't that bad and I should stop being a drama queen and just get it finished. Of course there is another reason to finish it now that there is a granddaughter on the way.

I love the crochet trim I used on it.

So the binding was made and is now been stitched, all we need now is the grandaughter but there's a little while to go yet.

I'm hopeful the quilt will be finished today, I'm going to go and do some stitching now whilst I've got a few minutes of free time.


Sarah said...

Sometimes I find putting a piece of work away for a bit and then reviewing it later with fresh eyes is a great way to work. It looks great! I love the delicate colours.

Gina said...

Your grandaughter's quilt looks lovely. We missed you yesterday.

pam said...

Oh well done - Barbara and I kept telling you it was lovely and you were being silly. Little One will love it.

Julie said...

They're right, it's lovely. No excuses not to finish it now :-) xx