Friday, 15 July 2011


I finished the quilt last night and I'm very happy with it. Can't imagine why I didn't finish it sooner!

Here's a close up of the binding and quilting. 

So pretty.

I have at last made a decision about how to finish the edges of my Wonky Log Cabin. You can see on this sample that I've tried binding in both colourways. I did consider the orange-but not for long,  I'm going to bind them in the accent colour used in the block. I think this helps to give each block a strong and positive finish. It feels as though the hanging is really starting to come together now and I may have decided how to join the blocks together, just need to do another sample to try out my idea.

Today I'm hoping to do a little more quilting on this.

I'm hoping to get to Gina's on Sunday for the Open Artists Studios . Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

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Gina said...

Hope to see you on Sunday. I love that pink/green colour combination in the last photo.