Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Not Much

There hasn't been much creativity going on since my last post. Last week Neil and I went to Wales for a few days. Unusually I said it wasn't long enough - normally I can't wait to get back!. Unfortunately before we went I'd been ill with an awful cold and throat infection that made me lose my voice for two days. Neil was happy though. But I was so tired and just getting over being poorly that I wasn't able to appreciate the break.

All I've managed in the last three weeks is 20 star blocks. I wouldn't have managed these if it hadn't been for Barbara. I think I may have driven her mad, I was having trouble concentrating but we got there in the end.

I am so far behind with everything including all the blogs I usually read, there must be a lot for me to catch up  on, I'm hoping to read a few blogs today so I'm off to start now.


Julie said...

I'm not surprised your so tired Angela, you have had so much to do recently especially with thee move to your new premises. Be good to yourself and try and get some proper rest. xx

pam said...

The stars are lovely and worth the heartache they caused. You and Neil should plan another break it would be good for your.